A Review for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

15 Jan

I have to say that this episode of Sherlock Holmes could be better than the amazing original back in 2009, and we should all know how well they pulled off the first movie. The dirty, sarcastic, case driven Sherlock character played by Robert Downey Jr. broke away from the very original Sherlock from Arther Canon Doyle’s works. The very first Sherlock being a prim and proper Englishman. The movies image of the detective formed a character that ended up being someone very real.

A Game of Shadows still keeps up the fantastic character work personality wise. Sherlock seems to be off the deep end crazy until he breaks into explanations of how he came to his conclusions which then make perfect sense. Watson always doubts his odd comrade, seeing how he constantly finds himself in situations where he is in something deep and dangerous and he would rather be at home with his new wife Mary.

Guy Ritchie, director, did an excellent job with the angles and perspective of the scenes. I was never confused with where the characters were currently in the story. Also I will add that they scenery was magnificent, the locations where perfect and I could see this story unfolding now only in those settings. The sound track was also very well done, I would definitely put it on my Ipod. The humor was one of my favorite parts as well, since I live off of humor, and the ending was great.

From a person that has read the old Sherlock Holmes from Sir Arther Canon Doyle’s world, I can truly say that I love Downey Jr. and Jude Law in these roles. I would suggest this movie to any and all Sherlock lovers and those who want a humorous yet serious, fun and dangerous detective movie.

I give it 5 floops. My version of stars.


On Holiday Rudeness and Rudeness in General.

25 Dec

To those of you who have ever had someone at a Christmas party or a party in general be rude to you and think they were getting away with it, I am on the same page as you. This year I attended a Christmas party at a new location, we normally go to our cousins home but they are renovating. The overal mood was nice and cheery, but i the first thirty minutes or so I was in one of those ‘So what is your major in college?’ type conversations with someone I barely know, and I gladly answered ‘creative writing’. What I got back was a laugh that sounded like ‘Pfft.’ From an adult,yes very mature. She then seemed to correct herself saying ‘Oh but you can use writing everywhere.’ I then was forced to listen to then same person who basically just non-verbally dissed me drone on about all the jobs In could get into with the skill she just snubbed. She also made a comment on my hair, which is bleached blonde and red in an attempt to get it to be white. She said, direct quote,’It’s not great but it’s good.’ At that point I was thinking ‘What kind of high class brainless snob are you to snicker in the face of what I love then crap all over my fashion sense?’
People like this bother the living hell out of me in more than one way. If you do not have the decent nature to speak kindly with another human being regardless of what your opinions are, you are and unfit speaker and your mouth should be superglued shut or you should attend slightly high class snobby A-holes anonymous.
To make things clear to those of you have money and no respect for others jobs or college majors, knock it off, I heard you live longer if your less of an assface.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

The IPad

25 Dec

This Christmas was probably the best Christmas ever. I did not ask for too much but I did ask for items of quality. On my list was the IPad, some skater attire, and comfy stress relieving things. I am currently posting on my brand new IPad 2 and I have to say it is the coolest thing, like ever.item main computer is all fixed up from the virus it caught, however I think it is going to be hard to go back to after tooling around on this baby. 

The IPad is an awesome little touch screen computer buddy that you can take just about anywhere. It is great for browsing the Internet and watching your favorite videos fast on YouTube. It makes an awesome oversized camera, I have already taken some pictures of my dog Gizmo, he is such a celebrity. It can also Facetime and text other people’s phones so you are always connected. 

This was a very successful Christmas and my only rant is that I wish the IPad didn’t mesh my wordstogether that do not belong. Other than that Merry Christmas and those who got an IPad enjoy those who did not enjoy your gifts and consider getting an IPad in the new year if you can spare the money.

Well Finals Are Now Over (And Ranting)

17 Dec

The holiday season finally begins for my fellow college goers and I. With our gruesome final exams over and the six hour bus ride back home completed, we can all relax our muscles and our minds and settle into our warm cozy beds or couches to sleep the holidays away.
I personally will enjoy the comfort of my memory foam mattress, the always inviting fireplace next to the big TV in the living room, my adorable demon dog Gizmo destroyer of worlds and garbage bags, and my family shoveling food at me. Yes Christmas is the best time of the whole year, especially when you come home from college for winter break and your parents are so proud of you. I actually feel like I deserve some pampering now, it’s a good feeling if you were wondering.
Of course there are some holiday downers like my computer contracting a virus and being moved to stay over night at Best Buy for treatment, I can get by though, I’m tough like that. Of course, due to the genes past down to me from my mother and father, I cannot relax even for a gosh darn minute. I am stressed from the moment I wake up to the two hours it usually takes me to get to sleep. I would very much enjoy be able to relax for at least a few hours a day, without having to over analyze everything in and out of my life. That would be excellent but alas, that isn’t going to happen unless I’m knocked out cold. So sad.

What follows may contain ranting and arguable content that may or may or may not descend into angry babble.

Yes I want a good few things for Christmas including an I-pad and some skater clothing. Yes the I-pad is expensive beyond belief and yes I am a girl, but who cares it’s Christmas and I don’t give a damn about fashion advice. May I remind people who question me that I am a writer and some of the time we aren’t altogether, oh how should I say this, normal. I like Tony Hawk jackets and shoes, I like beanie hats with little brims and cool designs, I think this stuff is cool, don’t judge bro. I’m starting to find people who try to force their love of gender roles on me extremely obnoxious as of late. I am one person in a sea of people who like to fall in line, don’t try to change me to be just like them, this is an unfortunate struggle with people I know but I will not give in. If I live my life by other people standards then I will never be happy, ever.
For those of you who are my friends thank you for not judging my sense of style or the way I cut my hair, the way I laugh or any of my normal tendencies like some people do. What these people do not realize is the more they poke and prod at who I an and what I look like, the worse their chances are going to be in my future writings. No doubt that all of this ‘righting the wrongs’ of my outer being is fuel for the creative fire, and enough to entice the raging writer in me to slash furiously at the beliefs of said offenders. The obstructions of my personal interests should know that I do not smoke, I do not drink, I do not engage in any sort of sexual behavior nor do I have any interest in such crude activities. By my own personal experience in hearing about and witnessing the outcome of these things, I would have to say that all of the above are excellent ways of ending your life slowly and painfully and breaking your mind down for another person who wishes to intrude in your life like a needle in flesh pumping false sublime messages into the blood stream. Do not call me anti-love, I am most certainly not, people may love and breakup and love again as many times as they want for all I care, I am just different. The thing that bothers me the most however is the thoughtless giving of oneself to a person physically and mentally, and having them break it off for petty reasons.
Either way people are people, whether I understand them or not. I only went into this deeply because of someone, you know who you are, pissed me off again.

End Rant.
Enter holiday ranting.

There really isn’t much to say on this topic but I will do my best to bring you the best rants I can think of at this moment in time.
Don’t you hate it when your parents tell you that you have to attend a different Christmas party this year and the entire house is absolutely filled with people that you sort of know and people that just stare at you. That however is not the worst part, the worst part is the little kids. I know whenever I go to a new Christmas party there are always the tiniest little obnoxious children there that scream and run around and look at me funny. To be honest I am not great with children,I would rather talk to a knowledgeable adult with the ability to walk upright and speak English. I cannot stand people that I can’t talk to, like people who you attempt to strike up an intelligent conversation with and they shoot you down with some cheap joke, then it becomes awkward and you end up moving back to the whiny children, then when you can’t take the nonsense and Dora the Explorer anymore you go find your parents and ask when you are leaving. That’s when you realize you have only been there for twenty minutes.
I love it when my father tells me to go ‘hang out’ with the children or go find people my age. Barely ever in the history of Christmas parties with distant relatives have I found a decent young person of my age or older to talk or play games with. I would much rather enjoy some snacks, write a few things in my notebook and listen to the drone of everyday life in adult conversations.
Thankfully living through these parties has it’s payoff on Christmas day. Mmm presents.

End holiday rant.

I hope you all have a very merry stress-free Christmas. Maybe now that I am home I will focus more on my writing. Who knows maybe I will churn out a line of books every week like my nemesis James Patterson. No offense James, I do love reading your books but you are going to have some competition real soon.

A Poem

21 Nov

Now I would like to share a poem I wrote at 3 in the morning. I was bawling when I wrote this don’t ask why. But this is all I will post. It is copyrighted to me because it’s mine and no one elses. Yes it’s a rough draft but who’s a critic here.

My love will always be where I left it,
in your heart, and in mine,
no matter how many choices you make to keep us parted,
nor the distance that is formed by time gone by.

It will be there when you are feeling lonely,
and the stress is all too much to take,
when your streets are empty without a lamppost,
and in the darkness you begin to quake.

My love will always be where I left it,
deep in your heart, and in mine,
no matter the places you go tear us apart,
nor the times where you say you must decline.

It will be there when you are feeling hated,
and the anger is all too much to take,
when you feel that all is lost,
that you have made another grave mistake.

My love will always be where I left it,
somewhere in your heart, and in mine,
no matter the action you take to throw me away,
nor the wounds I gather day by day.

It will be there when you are feeling glorious,
and the vibrant joy is all too much to take,
when you feel you have everything,
my love will no longer need to wake.

My love will always be where I left it,
in your heart, and always in mine,
when I am no longer with you in this world,
our hearts will keep us both combined.

Ah College.

15 Nov

Well if it isn’t a stressful night/day. Luckily for me it got much better as the day went on.
Yesterday I made myself literally sick thinking about advising and my math test. Now that I have that stuff figured out I can chill for a while…Once I finish this project I am currently procrastinating on, but first, this blog post.
I’m getting to that point in the monthy ‘cycle’ where I get lonely and start missing my family while I sit here in my dark, empty redbull can filled dorm. I miss my little mutant animal dog thing Gizmo and my recluse of a brother who I always heard yelling at campers on Call of Duty Black Ops. Darn those campers. I miss my mother always telling me it was ok to have one side of my skull bigger than the other when I freako out and think i have something horribly wrong with me, and my father always having those extra chores for me to do right when I get home. My grandmother downstairs, who always talks to me when I go down to keep her company I miss as well, and I do wish I could go to those writing classes with her and my mother but alas I am six hours away from all that.
Luckily I have Thanksgiving break coming up where I can go back to that for a few days, how I want it to come around sooner. I feel like I need a good battery recharge from college stress and maybe some extra food to bring up with me so I can eat shamelessly once more.
Well enough of this it’s already 2:50, gotta get to that work but for now here is a pretty picture I drew long the concept of Buddy Bots, robots that keep you company and are great for parties and kids. Mmm weapons.


Well if it Isn’t Yet Another Post

13 Nov

Boy I am getting cheeky. Blogging is a little more fun then I imagined. Well then about my night, it sure was chilly and my first time watching Donny Darko and S. Darko (movies) might just haunt me in my sleep with images of grotesque metal bunny masks and wormy like things popping out of peoples chests. Thank you my lovely residance hall neighbors.
But more on why I feel stressed. For one I still have to schedule another (I missed the first one) advising appointment for registering for classes, no big deal, have to study for a math test on monday, no big deal, have to memorize a fairly long poem for drama, might be difficult, have to perform infront of a live audience for my drama final, now we are getting into braindeath terratory.
So that is my next week in a nutshell, yes I am still trying to tell myself that everything is going to be JUST FINE, and i shouldn’t STRESS A BIT over it all but I will anyway.
I have noticed recently more and more stress habits of mine. Now a days I tend to clench my teeth all the time, which really feels quite bad on my jaw and I might be doing in my sleep as well. That invites headaches which I never usually get and that leads my overly paranoid brain to discover that YES one side of my skull is indeed larger than the other side by a just a smidge. That makes me think that I might grow a horn out of my forehead and it’s going to curl around my head like a funky hat. That is a tiny taste of what I think everyday, exciting.
Right now I would have to say my main concern is everything and my least main concern would be anything I forgot.
On a lighter note I am still trying NaNoWriMo on the same note on a darker side I can’t find the inspiration or energy to continue with more than a page and a half. If only books could flow like rivers out of my ears and onto paper.
Well it is indeed three in the morning and time for me to split, so goodnight all I am going into happy metal bunny mask world.

This is your paranoid freaked out sitting in a dark room bubble buddy Gullver signing out. (Yes these will be very random. Stay hip my friends.)

Art by me.

Well if it Isn’t a Test Post.

12 Nov

Yessir this is just a test post to see if I can type something and not have it come out looking like I tossed it in the blender on the obliterate setting. Let me go ahead and introduce you my college dorm, because I find sometimes when you explain your surroundings people get to know you better than just having to list things that I like or don’t like and so forth.
It’s a rather small room but it’s very cozy, just the way I like it, and I can get a good look at it while my roomate runs up and down the stairs at the end of the hall because she’s too lazy to walk to the gym. I think the first thing that will catch your eye will be the empty cans of Redbull on my side of the window ledge. Ah yes, those are the very lifeblood of my studies, who could survive long hours of text-booking without a little artificial boost from a 16 ounce can with a 77mg caffine content. Lets not forget the half emptied Pepsi cans laying about next to the Redbulls. The reason they are half emptied? It’s not because I am too lazy to finish them it is mainly because I love bubbly drinks, however when I start to drink one I get caught up in something else and I leave it for later just to come back and find all of those lovely bubbles are gone so I leave them to think about what they have done.
Next is my trusty fan which for the most part is always on. I cannot explain to you how positively annoyed I become when everything is pure silence. Yes you can argue that silence is great and there are people who absolutely love it but this is my blog therefore silence is the bane of my existance, nothing more.
My sketchpad and backpack filled with glorious empty pages of journal and notes from Lit class are usually whereever I am sitting, how I love them so. These are with me along with many stuffed animals and beating heart pillows that are my little buddies when i am feeling down.
Well it’s time to wrap this up and see how it goes, thanks to everyone who dares read this hunk of text.
Tune in next time for another episode of Well if it Isnt something.

This is your flying hip DJ of youth Gullver signing out.